Toyota video in motion controller NDS6225EP

Item ID  NT / NDS Series

Video & Navigation In Motion Controller for Lexus

Lexus DVD In Motion and Navigation Override controller allows viewing of video and full use of
navigation with the vehicle in motion.
Compatible with CT200h, ES350, ES300h, GS350, GS450h, GX460, IS250, IS350, IS F, LS460, LS600h, LS600hl, LX570, NX200T, NX300h, RX350, RX450h, RC350, RC F.

Features include:

  • Watch DVD / MPEG / AUX Video etc. on factory monitor while car is in motion.
  • Input and edit satellite navigation destinations without stopping the car.
  • Access digital phone book without stopping the car.
  • Browse music folders and play list from MP3 media and /or HDD audio sources.
  • Plug and play installation with no modifications to factory harness.
  • Dual switch type uses separate selector switch for video and sat-nav override.
  • Lexus Gen 7 & 8 navigation (2012 – current) bypass controller features full time
    video in motion with OEM steering wheel buttons to activate navigation in motion.

Important Warning:

  • In-Motion controllers are designed for use by passenger(s) of vehicle. Under no circumstances should the driver be distracted from the road by watching video, operating sat-nav, using hand-held devices etc. Serious injury and/or damage to property may result.
 nt_switch Lexus CT 2011 – 2012 NT4618
Lexus CT 2013 – Current NDS6223EP
 nt_switch Lexus GS 2005 – 2009 NT3203
 nt_switch Lexus GS 2010 – 2012 NT4618
Lexus GS 2013 – Current NDS6223EP
 nt_switch Lexus HS250h 2009 – 2012 NT4618
 nt_switch Lexus IS 2006 – 2009 NT3203
 nt_switch Lexus IS 2010 – 2012 NT4618
Lexus IS 2013 – Current NDS6223EP
 nt_switch Lexus LS 2006 – 2009 NT3203
 nt_switch Lexus LS 2010 – 2012 NT4618
Lexus LS 2013 – Current NDS6223EP
Lexus NX 2015 – Current NDS6223EP
Lexus RC 2015 – Current NDS6223EP
 nt_switch Lexus RX 2009 – 2012 NT4618
Lexus RX 2013 – Current NDS6223EP
 nt_switch Lexus SC430 2008 – 2010 NT4618
  • NDS6223EP
  • NT_sys