Toyota Shark Fin Antenna

Item ID  FDA9T Toyota

Sharkfin Type 9 AM/FM Antenna for Toyota

Functional AM / FM Shark Fin Antenna FDA9T for selected Toyota models.

  • Paint matched to OEM Toyota colour codes.
  • Helical wound high performance internal antenna.
  • Top quality urethane automotive paint for superior durability and finish.
  • Easy to install with no special tools required.
  • Suit antenna base size up to:
    Length 136mm x Width 67mm x Height 41mm
  • Frequency Range:
    FM 76.0MHz ~ 108.0MHz
    AM 530KHz ~ 1710KHz
  • Made in Japan.
Colour Code Colour Name* Product Code
FDA9T_040 040 Super White II FDA9T-040
FDA9T_070 070 White Pearl Crystal Shine FDA9T-070
FDA9T_082 082 Lime White Pearl Crystal Shine FDA9T-082
FDA9T_1F7 1F7 Silver Metallic FDA9T-1F7
FDA9T_1G3 1G3 Grey Metallic FDA9T-1G3
FDA9T_202 202 Black FDA9T-202
FDA9T_209 209 Black Mica FDA9T-209
FDA9T_3P0 3P0 Super Red V FDA9T-3P0
FDA9T_3R3 3R3 Red Mica Metallic FDA9T-3R3
FDA9T_3R9 3R9 Bold Mica Metallic FDA9T-3R9
FDA9T_5A3 5A3 Yellow FDA9T-5A3
FDA9T_5B5 5B5 Luminous Yellow FDA9T-5B5
FDA9T_8T7 8T7 Blue Metallic FDA9T-8T7
N/A Unpainted FDA9N
* Colour names may vary
  • FDA9 Shark Fin Antenna
  • FDA9_Base
  • アンテナ-GS-01