Item ID  AOK-10K

Audio Adapter for Nissan Cedric & Gloria (1999-2004)

Audio Integration Adapter for Y34 Nissan Cedric and Nissan Gloria –
June 1999 and October 2004.

  • Add on kit to install an after-market single DIN head unit and retain factory system.
  • Suitable for 4, 6 & 8 speaker sound systems with or without factory satellite navigation.
  • Includes integration adapter, 1DIN fascia panel, mounting brackets and all
    necessary hardware.
  • Available in 5 matching interior colours:
    AOK-10K    Dark Grey
    AOK-10C    Ivory
    AOK-10J     Beige
    AOK-10G    Black
    AOK-10W   Light Beige
  • Easy to install with high grade OEM connectors.
  • Made in Japan.